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Broken robot (but beautiful)

This week our robot stopped working. But, we added the design.

A working robot!

We worked on two robots to learn what we needed to know.

Meet our new robotics team!

Photography – toys in the world

This week year 2 explores using digital cameras to take photographs. They had to try and get really close to their characters to make them look really tall in the outside world.

Animation and programming: Design an alien!

This week Foundation started creating their Digital Storytelling project by drawing and alien. They learned about how to use the touch on the iPad to draw, shapes and fill! Here are some of their creations.

Packets – our very own Internet!

Today year 3 learned how messages, websites and videos sent across the Internet are broken into small pieces and called 'packets'. We pretended to be the wires of the Internet and send messages throughout the classroom.

3D Modelling

In year 6, this week we started exploring the use of 3D modelling for our 3D printing unit. We realised that working in 3D is tricky as when you think two things are on top of each other, you turn... Continue Reading →

Face Emojis

This half term years 1 and 2 are working on their basic Computing skills. This week we focused on mouse control to click and drag to make face emojis. We had to move shapes, drag the corner to make them... Continue Reading →

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