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Year 6

3D Modelling

In year 6, this week we started exploring the use of 3D modelling for our 3D printing unit. We realised that working in 3D is tricky as when you think two things are on top of each other, you turn... Continue Reading →

What’s good?

This week we were working on evaluating other people's Scratch projects so we could consider what we would like our projects to be like. We started off looking at one together, like this: And then we went off exploring to... Continue Reading →


This week we were exploring what could happen in Scratch. We were set the challenge of using a block we had never used before and getting it to do something. We also learned how to add our projects to 'Studios'... Continue Reading →

Let’s get creative!

This half term we're working on our programming skills and so we started off with some discussions about what programming is and why we think it's important. We then started our 'Scratch Journals' which are going to record our... Continue Reading →

Cargo-Bot – taking a problem and making it manageable

After completing their Computing Assessment this week, Year 6 were presented with a challenge: Cargo-Bot. Cargo-Bot allowed us to work on our ability to 'decompose problems' in other words, to take a problem that seemed big and overwhelming and reduce... Continue Reading →

Maths and Computing

In years 4, 5 and 6 we have been using our Maths skills and our Computing skills to create our first programs. We were given 3 challenges: We have to use our problem-solving skills to work out how many times... Continue Reading →

Raspberry Pi

This week year 6 have been storyboarding their videos for 'How to get your Raspberry Pi to work'.

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