All subjects are made up of a variety of skills and Computing is no different. In school, we refer to these skills to make children aware of the diversity of the subject – if you’re finding one skill difficult, maybe another one is your strength!

These are our Computing Superheroes:

Computing Superhero Abilities

Hardware Hero

  • Recognising which technology follows instructions and which just uses electricity
  • Recognising parts of a computer
  • Recognising computers inside machines
  • Plugging in a computer’s peripherals
  • Understanding sensors in the world around us

Logic Leader

  • Recognise that computers don’t ‘think’
  • Give clear instructions
  • Recognise patterns and making connections
  • Systematically working through a problem
  • Evaluating the best approach to complete an activity

Algorithm Ace

  • Recognising people and computers need different instructions
  • Recognising that sequencing is important
  • Recognising that big problems can be broken down into small steps
  • Identifying places code can be repeated
  • Mapping the flow of data in a program

Code Captain

  • Recognising what devices use code
  • Give instructions to computers
  • Adding code to an algorithm
  • Recognising that specific commands cause specific actions
  • Choose code according to purpose

Net Ninja

  • Recognising what devices are connected together
  • Recognise the difference between wired connection and wireless connections
  • Recognise a local network vs the Internet
  • Explain how data travels around the Internet
  • Explain how data is encoded

Searching Superstar

  • Identify kid-friendly search engines
  • Recognise keywords for searching
  • Identify reliable websites
  • Apply filters to search results
  • Understand the ‘filter bubble’