Giffard Park Computing

Packets – our very own Internet!

Today year 3 learned how messages, websites and videos sent across the Internet are broken into small pieces and called 'packets'. We pretended to be the wires of the Internet and send messages throughout the classroom.


3D Modelling

In year 6, this week we started exploring the use of 3D modelling for our 3D printing unit. We realised that working in 3D is tricky as when you think two things are on top of each other, you turn... Continue Reading →

Face Emojis

This half term years 1 and 2 are working on their basic Computing skills. This week we focused on mouse control to click and drag to make face emojis. We had to move shapes, drag the corner to make them... Continue Reading →

It makes noise?!

This week at Microbit Mayhem we explored getting the Microbit to make sounds. I didn't remember to take any videos or photos apart from this one though!

Say Cheese!

This week the computers let us down and weren't working when we needed them, but never fear, there's always a plan B! We got out the Digital Cameras and learned how we could take photos of ourselves and our friends.... Continue Reading →

Beebot vs Probot

This week, year 2 asked for a special lesson where they could explore and compare the Beebot and the Probot. It was interesting to see the different things that they could do. We had to work collaboratively and explore together.... Continue Reading →

Special Features

This week was the last lesson for children to earn their Driving License for the Probots. They were exploring using the sounds, lights and sensors in their programs. In some of the videos, it looks like the car is dancing!... Continue Reading →

Instructions Online!

After lots of weeks of working with the Beebots, year 1 went online to see if they could also program characters on a screen. This gets a bit more tricky, as you have to imagine which way they are and... Continue Reading →

A New Language!

This week, year 5 were given a completely new challenge. They had to take all the learning which they'd down in Scratch, and apply it to a completely new programming language! The language they were using was called Swift and... Continue Reading →

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