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Round and Round and Round

This week in years 2 and 3 we learned about something super exciting called a 'loop'. This is really important in programming as it stops you having to waste time. It was really important to us too as it meant... Continue Reading →

Programs! Programs!

We have been leaning about programming and algorithms for quite a while now and we wanted to see if we could use our skills in lots of different ways. This week we were working collaboratively and practicing our sharing, as... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Roads

Last week we continued on our journey towards our Probot drivers license by learning to program the car to drive around T junctions and Y junctions. This week we explored what other letters the cars could make and used felt... Continue Reading →

What can you make it do?

We started out working together and trying to get the Bee-Bot to visit the animals. Sometimes working out the turns was tricky. Today we left Bee-Bot and Code-a-pillar out and encouraged the children to use them how they wanted to.... Continue Reading →

What’s good?

This week we were working on evaluating other people's Scratch projects so we could consider what we would like our projects to be like. We started off looking at one together, like this: And then we went off exploring to... Continue Reading →

Tackling Junctions

This week years 2 and 3 continued with their quest to earn their driver's license...this time with T junctions! Some even got as far as attempting Y junctions. They had to travel up the tap, pause whilst they checked for... Continue Reading →

Beebot Adventure

This half term in year 1 we are concentrating on planning and predicting where we want the Beebot to go. We're using maps and explaining what we're going to do before we do it. We challenge ourselves to go a... Continue Reading →

What can we make?

This week at Microbit club, we started to work on projects and see what we can do with it! Some of us had to try again and again, but we didn't give up! Here are some of our projects: ​​​... Continue Reading →

Having a plan

This week we moved beyond exploring how Code-a-pillar worked and tried to get it to reach the finish line. We put the start and finish line in different places and worked together to see how close we could get. This... Continue Reading →

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