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Year 2

Photography – toys in the world

This week year 2 explores using digital cameras to take photographs. They had to try and get really close to their characters to make them look really tall in the outside world.

Face Emojis

This half term years 1 and 2 are working on their basic Computing skills. This week we focused on mouse control to click and drag to make face emojis. We had to move shapes, drag the corner to make them... Continue Reading →

Beebot vs Probot

This week, year 2 asked for a special lesson where they could explore and compare the Beebot and the Probot. It was interesting to see the different things that they could do. We had to work collaboratively and explore together.... Continue Reading →

Round and Round and Round

This week in years 2 and 3 we learned about something super exciting called a 'loop'. This is really important in programming as it stops you having to waste time. It was really important to us too as it meant... Continue Reading →

Alphabet Roads

Last week we continued on our journey towards our Probot drivers license by learning to program the car to drive around T junctions and Y junctions. This week we explored what other letters the cars could make and used felt... Continue Reading →

Tackling Junctions

This week years 2 and 3 continued with their quest to earn their driver's license...this time with T junctions! Some even got as far as attempting Y junctions. They had to travel up the tap, pause whilst they checked for... Continue Reading →

Car Inspection!

This week years 2 and 3 were introduced to their new project - getting a driver's license! Over the course of the next half term, the children will complete a variety of programming challenges working towards their Probot driver's license.... Continue Reading →

Building a Beebot World

This week in years 2 and 3 we have been creating our own Beebot worlds by using a 15cm grid and adding the detail we wanted. We then used this to help us with our programming as we challenged our... Continue Reading →

Our first program!

In year 2 and 3, we've been ready to take what we learned about algorithms and start to use those skills in programming. We learned the difference: We started by using the Beebots and challenged ourselves to code a variety... Continue Reading →

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