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Year 1

Photography – toys in the world

This week year 2 explores using digital cameras to take photographs. They had to try and get really close to their characters to make them look really tall in the outside world.

Face Emojis

This half term years 1 and 2 are working on their basic Computing skills. This week we focused on mouse control to click and drag to make face emojis. We had to move shapes, drag the corner to make them... Continue Reading →

Instructions Online!

After lots of weeks of working with the Beebots, year 1 went online to see if they could also program characters on a screen. This gets a bit more tricky, as you have to imagine which way they are and... Continue Reading →

Beebot Adventure

This half term in year 1 we are concentrating on planning and predicting where we want the Beebot to go. We're using maps and explaining what we're going to do before we do it. We challenge ourselves to go a... Continue Reading →

Writing Simple Programs

This week, both Foundation and year 1, had a go at using a new website called 'Kodable'. This involves giving instructions to a 'fuzzie' ball to get it through the maze. It was our first try at on-screen programming! If... Continue Reading →

Challenge-based Learning 2

This week in year 1 we continued with our challenge-based learning. This was our final week in the carousel so now everyone has had a turn at everything! Here are some of the things we've done: I can write an... Continue Reading →

Challenge-based Learning!

Since Christmas in year 1, we've been trying something new. We've been trying challenged based learning where we have different tasks to work on in groups. Some tasks need us to share with a partner, others we complete independently and... Continue Reading →


This week years 1 and 2 had a go at animation for the first time. They planned a sequence of pictures and tried to change just one thing.

Keyboard Skills

This week in year 1 and 2 we have been practicing our keyboard skills.

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