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Animation and programming: Design an alien!

This week Foundation started creating their Digital Storytelling project by drawing and alien. They learned about how to use the touch on the iPad to draw, shapes and fill! Here are some of their creations.

Say Cheese!

This week the computers let us down and weren't working when we needed them, but never fear, there's always a plan B! We got out the Digital Cameras and learned how we could take photos of ourselves and our friends.... Continue Reading →

Programs! Programs!

We have been leaning about programming and algorithms for quite a while now and we wanted to see if we could use our skills in lots of different ways. This week we were working collaboratively and practicing our sharing, as... Continue Reading →

What can you make it do?

We started out working together and trying to get the Bee-Bot to visit the animals. Sometimes working out the turns was tricky. Today we left Bee-Bot and Code-a-pillar out and encouraged the children to use them how they wanted to.... Continue Reading →

Having a plan

This week we moved beyond exploring how Code-a-pillar worked and tried to get it to reach the finish line. We put the start and finish line in different places and worked together to see how close we could get. This... Continue Reading →

A new arrival: Code-a-pillar!

This week we got something new to help us learn to program: Code-a-pillar! Code-a-pillar is very special because we can control it by giving it instructions. We use parts of its body to give it instructions and see what it... Continue Reading →

Writing Simple Programs

This week, both Foundation and year 1, had a go at using a new website called 'Kodable'. This involves giving instructions to a 'fuzzie' ball to get it through the maze. It was our first try at on-screen programming! If... Continue Reading →

Brushing Our Teeth Algorithm

This week we continued to work on sequencing, but this time instead of a song it was something different: brushing our teeth! We practised putting the instructions in a clear line, so the computer would know which one to do... Continue Reading →

What tech do we know?

This week some year 5 Digital Leaders came to Foundation for an afternoon. They worked with them to find out what we know about technology and to talk about how to keep us safe. At the moment, they're just collecting... Continue Reading →

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