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Microbit Mayhem

It makes noise?!

This week at Microbit Mayhem we explored getting the Microbit to make sounds. I didn't remember to take any videos or photos apart from this one though!


Wires and more!

At Microbit Mayhem this week, we tried our hand at using lots of different electronics. This meant we could use sensors and lights and lots of other parts. It was tricky as we're very new to programming the Microbits, but... Continue Reading →

What can we make?

This week at Microbit club, we started to work on projects and see what we can do with it! Some of us had to try again and again, but we didn't give up! Here are some of our projects: ​​​... Continue Reading →

Microbit Mayhem – The beginning

This week we started our new club for year 5 and 6 called: Microbit Mayhem. As it was our first week, we had lots to do! The Microbit looks like this: It is a small piece of technology that does... Continue Reading →

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