This week, year 5 were given a completely new challenge. They had to take all the learning which they’d down in Scratch, and apply it to a completely new programming language! The language they were using was called Swift and it was text-based coding (not blocks!).

Even at the very beginning of the lesson, they started by looking at some typed code and seeing if they could explain what it did:

Then they worked their way through a series of levels using their skills of decomposition and iteration to ensure they were always stopping, checking and changing as they were going along. No programmer writes a whole program before testing it!

Some of us got so far that we had to problem solve really carefully. Byte (the character) couldn’t turn right, no one had taught him that command yet, but he needed to go right! They had to think really carefully about that one! 

At the end of the lesson, we worked together to edit and improve the Rock, Paper, Scissors program we talked about in the beginning. We added unicorns.