Today in Computing Mrs H had got terribly confused. She had some pictures to help her sing the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes but her pictures had got all in a muddle. This meant that she sang the song in the wrong way!

Luckily, the children in Foundation knew how it should be and were on hand to help out!

We learned a new word called ‘algorithm’ today and that means that we’re giving instructions to a computer. Mrs Humphries was pretending to be the computer and that’s why she needed so much help with the song! It’s quite a long word for us to remember, but 2 children at the end of the lesson could remember it! Well done to them!

When we worked with Mrs Humprhies, we helped her sort the pictures:




The children in Foundation also took photos of their work themselves!

As they were sorting the photos, we had to sing the song together so we would know what the next picture was:

Those children that weren’t working with Mrs Humphries this week were practicing their mouse skills with Mrs Luya and Mrs Spackman: